Repair & Restoration

Abbey Furniture is your go to for furniture restoration in Hamilton. For we do it well.

We offer a range of repair and restoration services.

At the most basic level, we can repair broken or damaged furniture. We take your favourite, most-used broken or damaged furniture and make it serviceable again. Wobbling furniture (most often chairs and stools)can be made rigid and strong once again. Broken or chewed table legs can be mended. We remove unsightly gouges and scratches and touch them up so that, when we are done, you’ll have a hard time finding the once-affected area. If something is broken beyond repair, we can fabricate a replacement.

We can also replace broken mirrors and cabinetry glass.

Perhaps you would like something more. We also offer full restoration services. Over the years we’ve tackled many restoration projects: barrister’s book cases, secretary desks, cedar chests, antique dry sinks, sewing machines, coffee tables, end tables, kitchen tables, and much, much more. We can restore your furniture to its original beauty.

We can also meet you in the middle. Perhaps you have a kitchen table that has been well-loved but needs a refresh. Maybe your bedroom furniture is in good shape but needs the top surfaces refinished. To get the most bang for your buck we can refinish only the affected or worn areas of concern.

We also modernize. A whitewash or charcoal black stain can do wonders to compliment your recently renovated space.